What is the profit from the shortcut links

What is the profit from the shortcut links
The first thing you need to understand about profit from shortening the links is the profitability system on which it is based, and how profit is achieved from the ground and is shared with you, and to understand that well you need to understand the elements or actors on which the profit system is based, and where your role you in this system.
The main elements of the profit system are shortened links
1- Shortcut links company
Link Shortcut Company is the most important and essential element of the profit-link shortcut system. It is simply a company that offers intelligent software, which switches the link you enter with another short link.
When you visit this short link from a user, ads are displayed in front of them, these ads are often on a page before the original link page, and there is a property to bypass this page (Skip Ads), these ads are also often to a third party, the advertiser, the party Second in the profitability system.
2- Advertiser
An advertiser can be a company or a person, which is often completely independent of the link shortcut company, but they have a contract to provide advertiser advertisements in return for the link shortcut company receiving specific financial returns.
3. Publishers (subscribers)
These are mostly a group of young people like you who want to profit from shortening links. Link shortcut companies allow everyone to subscribe to them, start shortening links through them, and publish them (and therefore advertiser ads). Shortcut companies share these publishers with a portion of their revenue from advertisers.
4. Users (ie visitors to short links)
They represent Internet users who are exposed to short links, click on them to access a web page, and see the advertiser's advertisement.
Of course, there will be no profit from shortening links without users, and the more users that visit the shortened links, the greater the profit for all, especially you as a publisher.
Some profit points from the shortcut links
1- Of course you can subscribe and profit from more than one company.
2 - Your earnings are determined as a publisher per thousand visits (CPM) of the short link, and this varies according to the geographical factor of your visitors, for example, visitors from America other than visitors from Egypt, but in general the average earnings range from half a dollar to about $ 10 per thousand visits.
3 - You can not make visits, because it is illegal and secondly very cumbersome, even if you use a program this will expose the advertiser to the loss because the visits are not real, and then expose the company to problems with the advertiser, and ultimately will lead to the closure of your account.
4 - You can shorten any link on the Internet, you are not limited to short links belonging to you only as links to your site. You can also shorten a link to a video, an application, a site, a page within that site, etc.
5. You must provide something worth the user's time
Although value and quality are our motto for everything in the winners, and this is what we always encourage friends of the site, but the subject has another dimension here.
The other dimension is that the visitor to the short link is a person who wants to access something, and he will feel bored to enter on a page with ads before entering what he wants.

As a profit-looking shortcut, treat this visitor professionally, at least give him something worth suffering!
Profit Steps from Shortcut Links
1- Choose a shortcut company or a group of companies to work with
The first step to profit from shortening links is to identify a good company to work with, and you can also work with more than one company at a time.
Because of the importance of this point we have a special article, and you can access it through the link below.
Best Shortcut Sites Links To Make Money
2. Define your target audience
Some may see this as a perfect step, but if you really want to profit from shortening the links and want to achieve good results, this is a fundamental step for you. Defining an audience will make you work in a systematic, thoughtful and structured manner, will give you an opportunity to continue, and of course will enable you to build trust between you and your target audience.
Here are a few points to keep in mind about your target audience:
• What are their nationalities? The level of your earnings depends mostly on the gender of your visitors, but you should also be good at dealing with these nationalities.
• What are their interests? Specialization in a particular area will give you experience in dealing with your audience, and will always help you find the right links.
• What is their language? Perhaps language interferes with nationality, but it is actually something different. Of course you have to master the language in which you will address your audience.
Suppose you have identified your audience as follows: Egyptians, speak Arabic, love to read and download books online. Of course this will give you a lot of facilities and clarity on your way to profit from shortening links.
3- Determine the method or ways you have visitors to shortcut links
This is also a very important point which is essential in the way you gain from shortening links, so you must carefully identify them, so as to maintain focus and avoid confusion.
Given the importance of this point, we will devote a special part to it shortly, and will address the most important ways to get visitors to short links to profit from them.
4. Determine how your money is received
You first identified the company or companies you would like to work with, you have precisely defined your target audience, your way of getting visitors, and the next step is to decide how to receive your money.
There are a lot of ways that shortcut companies offer money, mainly PayPal and Pioneer, and below are two links to two articles explaining each:
Explain how to create a free PayPal account and how to activate and use it
All about Pioneer card and explain the video recording
Start work
Now you have all the settings you need to start earning from the shortcut links, and all you need is to actually start sending g

Published on: 8/20/19, 10:33 PM